Delicious Sides to Serve With Pizza

Pizza night is a social event that cannot be missed — but that’s only because you include great side dishes with the pizza.

Five Side Dishes to Serve on Pizza Night

If you and your friends are getting together to eat pizza and watch the game, then why not make an event out of it? Rather than just ordering a few pizzas, come up with some side dishes to complement the flavors of the pie. The best side dishes are those that can be eaten only with your hands in keeping with the spirit of the night.


Fries are the perfect side dish to pizza. The salty flavor pairs well with the more mild cheese flavors and fries serve as a perfect medium for scooping up gooey cheese that may fall from a slice.

Hummus and Breadsticks

For a healthier alternative to the usual, breadsticks and hummus make a great addition to almost any pizza. If any of your friends are health-conscious, they’ll appreciate something a bit different from the norm.


Another healthy side dish to serve on pizza night is a small garden salad. The vegetables will ease everyone’s conscience about the unhealthy food choices for the rest of the night, while the flavors of fresh, crisp greens will help cleanse and prepare the palate for the textures to come.

Chicken Fingers

Fried chicken is always a win. Pair it with pizza and you may just win an award as the best host in town. Your friends will love this tasty combination, and since both are finger foods, it’s hard to go wrong.

Pizza night is a great time to get together and catch up with your friends. While it’s mostly about the social side of things, having good side dishes to go with a great pizza is always a good idea. Get a pizza delivery to 89101 so you can experiment with these unique side combinations.

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