Downtown Las Vegas Restaurants: The 5 Best

Las Vegas is a city known around the world for its decadence and 24/7 availability. While there’s much to see and do on the Vegas Strip, it comes at a price – often several times what you’d payy off the Strip. If you’re not quite ready to shell out three figures to dine at the latest celebrity chef spot, then head to downtown Las Vegas for good times and great food at affordable prices.

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The downtown scene has enjoyed a revamping over the past few years and more quality restaurants with a unique and hearty interpretation of dining have popped up in this neighborhood that draws an assortment of characters and crowds from across the globe. We’ve gathered the five best downtown Las Vegas restaurants that you should definitely visit once you’re done taking in the sights.

1. Pop-up Pizza

After a night of gambling and whatever other trouble you can conjure while downtown, hit up this hidden gem for some truly unique pizza. A family-run restaurant, this place can easily be considered the best pizza in Las Vegas, with great service and vegan options. You haven’t experienced downtown pizza until you’ve tried it Pop Up style.

variety of pizza from Popup Pizza
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2. Le Thai

Le Thai is the place to get your Asian food craving substantiated. Not only do they have an abundance of offerings at this joint, located just down from the hustle and bustle of the Fremont experience, but you’ll get heaping portions at affordable prices.

3. The Beat Coffeehouse

Often a great place to grab a cup of joe and hunker down to watch the variety of people coming in and out, this spot has an indie vibe that serves coffee in the morning and beer in the evening. For grub, the Slap and Tickle is the signature sandwich — a peanut butter and jelly spread with jalapeƱos and bacon to boot.

coffee on a bed of coffee beans

4. Chicago Joe’s

An adorable Italian restaurant that can easily be mistaken for a residence, the atmosphere is unique and the cuisine is delectable. Begin your meal with stuffed artichokes and definitely opt for the lasagna. Be sure to soak up every last bit of the red sauce with your bread.

5. Casa Don Juan

Mexican food in Vegas can be hard to come by if you’re looking for more than a food truck, but with Casa Don Juan, look no further. A great place to bring a large group of friends, the festivities rival the scrumptious menu. Don’t forget to get the guacamole!

Next time you’re in Las Vegas, don’t neglect the beautiful downtown area, where you can enjoy modern art and gourmet food.

What’s your favorite downtown spot? Share your thoughts below!

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