How to Make the Most of Your Vacation to Las Vegas


Taking a vacation to Las Vegas and experiencing all the city has to offer can be achieved while sticking to a budget.

How to Experience the Best of Vegas on a Budget

Taking a vacation to Las Vegas can be one of the most incredible experiences of a lifetime, whether you are traveling with the family to tourist sites or heading to a pre-wedding party for a night you will never forget. Here are some practical suggestions to making the most of your Vegas experience, while adhering to a practical budget.

Plan Your Vacation Months in Advance

Many online sites offer huge discounts if you do a little bit of planning. If possible, scheduling your vacation up to even a year beforehand could save you hundreds of dollars. Search for hotels off The Strip, which are usually much cheaper. Many of them even offer free shuttle service to and from tourist destinations.

Think outside the Box

Las Vegas is known as the ultimate adult playground, offering almost anything imaginable. You will most likely want to explore the different casinos and indulge in the gourmet buffets, but try to keep an open mind during your visit. Some of the best experiences can be found in the off nights when regular entertainment is not necessarily planned. You will skip the long lines and masses of other tourists and simply get to take in the magic of the lights and sounds. If the purpose of your visit is an anniversary or honeymoon, take a stroll down The Strip then head back to the hotel for a relaxing evening together. Search online for downtown pizza in Las Vegas and pop open a bottle of wine, then head down to the hot tub for the perfect date.

Travel in the Off-Seasons for the Best Rates

Do not rule out the option of visiting Vegas mid-week or in the summer, even though it is incredibly hot. Remember, temperatures are much cooler in-doors, where you will most likely be spending the majority of your time. Shows and hotels offer their best deals during the off-season, and you will appreciate having the extra elbowroom at the poker table. No matter when you visit Sin City, you will most likely not experience a dull moment, so you might as well save some cash when you go.

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