Pizza and Your Personality

The type of toppings you like on your pizza might just say a lot about your personality. Find out what your favorite toppings tell the world about you.

Pizza Toppings Tell the World All About You

Whether you can’t get enough of pizza topped with a selection of meats, or you prefer a plainer pizza with just cheese or a few vegetables, the food you eat tells the world quite a bit about your personality. Find out just what you say to the world before you order your next pie.

Meat Lovers

Do you think pizza just isn’t pizza without some pepperoni, sausage and other meats on top? You’re definitely not alone. Pepperoni pizza ranks as one of the world’s most popular choices. When you order a pizza with meat toppings, you do more than just tell the world that you love meat. Those who crave meat are usually more adventurous than their veggie loving counterparts. They are usually sports fans who love nothing more than playing the game or watching their favorite players live and in person. You may find that you have a deep passion for rock music too.

Veggie Pizzas

Whether you order from a pizza delivery 89101 company, or you live in another part of the country, you tell the world that you care about others when you order a vegetable pizza. Though some diners just want to cut back on their consumption of red meat, others order vegetable pizzas because they do not eat any type of meat. If you love veggie pizzas, you are probably a kind and considerate person who puts the needs of others above your own needs.

The Best of Both Worlds

While some people the only pizza choice is the choice between veggie and meat pizzas, others know that there is one other choice: a plain cheese pizza. A plain pie topped with one type of cheese or dozens of cheese shows that are you are kind and caring but that you have a bit of a wild side too. Show the world just what type of person you are and the type of personality you have the next time you order pizza.

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