7 Reasons Pizza is the Best Friend You Have

Throughout the course of our lives, we make many friends. Some are close, some are distant. Some are with us for years, and some for only a short time. We care about some as much as you can for another human being, while we consider others “frenemies”. No matter what the case is, you will never have a friend that is as awesome as pizza. Here’s why!

1) Pizza is always there for you

Remember that time you needed pizza at 11 p.m. and it didn’t show up? Neither do we. Pizza always heads over to your house when you call.


2) Pizza is looking out for your health

The marinara sauce that is spread all over the dough is loaded with tomatoes. Those tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that has been shown to have a hand in preventing heart disease. Your intestines better absorb lycopene when it’s consumed with small amounts of oil or fat, all of which pizza has provided for you. You’re welcome.

3) Only pizza can pull off being so cheesy

Most of your other friends tend to get on your nerves with their corny jokes.


4) Pizza has been to space

How many of your friends can say that they have made it off of Earth’s surface? Unless you work for NASA, I’m willing to bet that the answer is zero. Pizza has already been to the final frontier.

5) Pizza wants you to be happy

Plain cheese, pepperoni, taco pizza, breakfast pizza, vegetarian, meat-lovers, half mushroom and half bell pepper, desert pizza— it doesn’t matter. Pizza will do whatever it takes to make you happy

6) Pizza understands when you’re broke

Sometimes, we get a little down on our luck, and pizza understands. Not many of your other friends will provide you dinner (and most likely tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch) for only $5.


7) Pizza has been there since the beginning

Whether is was a pizza lunchable or pizza day in the cafeteria of your grade school, pizza was always able to put a smile on your face as a child.

Are you missing pizza yet? It’s okay, pizza would never abandon you! Head over to Pop Up Pizza in the Plaza Hotel to satiate your pizza cravings, and get your cheese, bread, tomato, and topping fix. The friendly staff will take care of you, and get you a taste of exactly what you’re searching for. You shouldn’t expect anything less from the best downtown pizza in Las Vegas!

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