Pizza Underground Brings Together Rock and Cheese

Some people like pizza more than others. Surprisingly, one of those pizza fiends also happens to be a former child actor turned musician, who is focusing all his creative energy on creating songs with titles like “Take a Bite of the Wild Slice.” Find out why the music world is buzzing about the Pizza Underground.

pizza underground culkin

Cheesy covers about cheese

Following his work in movies like Home Alone and Saved!, Macaulay Culkin decided to step away from the camera and take some time away from the entertainment business. Once he was ready to return to cultural prominence, Culkin recruited some of his friends and created a Velvet Underground and Lou Reed cover band called the Pizza Underground. While it may be one of the most ridiculous ideas in rock n roll history, we can’t help but laugh at songs with names like “Pizza Gal” and “Pizza, It Hurts.”

Culkin and his pizza pals have taken their band across the country, singing songs about pepperonis and sausage to a willing (and hungry) audience. Often giving out pizza to fans in attendance, the Pizza Underground offers a concert experience unlike any other band on the scene.

So where does the Pizza Underground go from here? It remains to be seen whether or not Culkin will turn another band’s tunes into odes to pizza, but we are optimistic that his group will continue parodying classic rock songs. Here’s to hoping for Blue Oyster Crust signing “Don’t Fear the Pizza” in the near future. For more information on Fremont Street pizza in Las Vegas, contact Pop Up Pizza today at (702) 366-0049.

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