Simplifying Your Next Gathering With Easy Food Ideas


When you’re planning a party, you can take some of the stress out of the process by simplifying the menu. With the right dining choices, you can keep all of your guests happy while also making the entire process easier on yourself.

Simple Foods for a Fantastic Party

Planning a party can be overwhelming. You’ll start with the guest list and venue, but then you’ll find yourself weighing the menu and trying to choose the right decorations. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or you’re focusing on an anniversary celebration, you can simplify the process by going with a more basic menu. You’ll find that the guests appreciate the simpler choices, and you can actually relax and enjoy the moment.

Sandwiches and Appetizers

There’s something about little sandwich squares with the crust cut off that people just cannot resist. You can make them in countless flavors, including cheese, cucumber, chicken and egg salad. They look great, and they wind up being incredible affordable. Put out a tray and watch them disappear. Other great choices for appetizers include shrimp cocktail, meatballs with sauce and cheese trays. The key is to choose foods that look inviting, are easy to refill, and won’t need to be refrigerated. If you’re serving up foods that are best hot, then use small warming trays to ensure that they taste perfect.

Pizza – The Safe bet

It seems that everyone loves pizza, but you may not feel that it’s right for a more elegant party. While you may think of ordering pizza for a birthday party or football night, the fact is that this food can work with a more sophisticated theme. It’s all in the presentation. When you order for pizza delivery in the 89101 zip code, ask to have the pizza cut into smaller squares so that you can stack it on a decorative platter.

Remember the Pasta

Pasta is always a safe and easy bet for parties. Choose your personal favorites and then whip up a batch for your guests. It can be a basic macaroni salad or a rigatoni tossed with delicious grilled vegetables. The great thing about pasta is that it will help your guests fill up, and it’s easy to keep the serving bowl topped off throughout the party.

When planning the food for your gathering, try to resist the temptation to serve up very exotic foods. Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that work out the best. You’ll spend less time on meal prep, and you’ll have more time to enjoy the party.

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