Strange Pizza Toppings From Around the World

A look at some of the most interesting pizza toppings around the world. These are all toppings that most Americans can add to their favorite pizza pie at home.

Try These Interesting Pizza Toppings from Around the World

If you’re getting some pizza delivery in the 89101 ZIP code, you probably have a good idea of what kind of toppings you want. Pepperoni, sausage, black olives: Most people have their favorites and stick to them. Americans love their pizza, but many may not realize that other countries love pizza just as much and have their own ideas of what kind of toppings make a perfect pie. The following suggestions feature commonly found household ingredients, so if you’re feeling brave, you can add them to your favorite pizza.

France – Fried Egg

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore in France. Whether cooked in with the pizza or applied after the pie is out of the oven, this French favorite makes for an “eggcellent” combination of flavors. Fry up some eggs and plop them on next time you order your favorite pizza.

Germany – Tuna

Sure, we know that anchovies are a popular pizza topping, but what about tuna? In Germany, it’s fairly common to add a can of tuna to the top of pizza. Whether by itself or mixed with vegetables, this fishy phenomenon is easy to duplicate. Just dump a can of your favorite tuna on your pie.

Sweden – Banana Curry

Similar to a Hawaiian pizza in some respects, Sweden’s unusual topping combination combines the sweetness of fried banana with thin slices of ham. This alone isn’t much to throw off the palate of most Americans, but add some curry powder and you have a spicy/sweet/savory combination that is a favorite among Swedes. If you’re feeling brave, order a ham pizza, fry up some banana slices, and coat with your favorite curry powder.

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