The Best of Fremont Street

Whether you’re visiting Las Vegas or you’re a local, people of all ages can enjoy what Fremont Street has to offer. You can get some Fremont Street pizza, watch the light show, go on a zipline ride and watch live entertainment.

The Fremont Street Experience and Beyond

Fremont Street is covered by a spectacular ceiling that shields visitors form the sun, but at night it becomes a completely new experience. Viva Vision is the light show that plays across this enormous high-definition screen. It stretches 1,500 feet and is 90 feet long. Every night, you can see this incredible light show.

SlotZilla and Live Entertainment

SlotZilla is one of the newer attractions on Fremont Street and caters to all thrill seekers. This gigantic slot machine is 10 stories tall and allows people to fly 1,750 feet down a state-of-the-art zipline. When you’re on the ground, you can enjoy some of the live entertainment, which includes live bands as well as an assortment of street performers.

Fremont Street is known for hosting a variety of outdoor concerts throughout the area. There are sometimes as many as three or four different concerts going on simultaneously. You can start on one end listening to classic rock, walk to the center where there is country music playing and then find a Las Vegas cover band playing all of your favorite hits on the opposite end.

The Most Exciting Street in the U.S.

The bands aren’t the only ones performing either. You’ll see a ton of street performers who are gifted at creating artwork, dancing and even magic. There are some talented Las Vegas locals who frequent Fremont Street on the weekends to showcase their artwork that they create right in front of your eyes. You’ll also see young break-dancers as well, and you can dine on Fremont Street pizza in Las Vegas as you walk around. If you’re lucky, you might even see people dressed up as famous characters from TV and film.

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