The Top Occasions For Pizza

For some, any occasion is a great time for pizza. Even though you may not want to incorporate pizza with all your events, there are definitely some advantages to ordering pizza for any party or gathering. Here are some of the best occasions for pizza.

pizza party big game

The Big Game

Everybody loves great pizza during the big game. Whether you’re hosting the party or just bringing something for everybody to eat, pizza always fits well with a sporting event on the TV.

Birthday Parties

One of the most popular times to order pizza is for a birthday party. No matter the size of the party, it’s possible to get something everybody will like with pizza. You can order different toppings, different crust types and so many more options to best suit the party.

Graduation Parties

Graduation is a special time, but for the parents, the party can get expensive in a hurry. Food can be very costly, but pizza is affordable and everybody loves pizza. Skip the expensive catered meals and order pizzas for the guests instead.

Family Reunions

Family reunions bring loved ones together, but somebody is always left out. Usually, a few of the family members have to spend time cooking the meal and serving it for everybody else to enjoy. Instead of leaving a family member out of the fun, you can order pizzas and let everybody enjoy the reunion.

Wedding Receptions

Providing a meal is customary at wedding receptions, but also very expensive if you have a large number of guests attending. It can be as expensive as $50 to $75 per person, but with pizza, you can feed everybody for less than $15 per person. This will keep your cost down and allow everybody to enjoy a great meal.

Golf Outings

When the group finishes their time on the golf course, they usually head to the bar for a few beers and some lunch or dinner. Pizza goes perfect with beer and it’s the perfect meal after a round of 18 holes. It’s easy to pick up and eat, providing something very delicious that everybody can enjoy.

There are a number of other great occasions for pizza. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding or just having everybody over for the big game, pizza is a great choice for food. Trust Pop Up Pizza for the top downtown pizza in Las Vegas.

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