6 Foods to Eat Before a Night of Drinking


Don’t fight the urge. Hummus is your friend. (photo by Albertas Agejevas)

1. Hummus

Don’t act like you don’t blow through tubs of Sabra hummus on a weekly basis. Did you know that it’s a natural source of Vitamin B, which you lose a lot of when you’re tanking up that third martini?

More good news? Hummus tastes good on everything. We’d lick it off the floor if we had to.

2. Eggs

Normally, eggs are the hangover meal of choice, when you’re out to breakfast with your girlfriends trying to recall the details of what may or may not have happened last night. Instead, eat them before you imbibe. Eggs contain cysteine, an amino acid that breaks down the toxins in alcohol.


Love it. Eat it. Post it on Instagram. (photo by Bharat Mirchandani)

And yes, that was your underwear hanging off the antenna of the car.

3. Pickles

As is, you already have no problem putting away an entire jar of Vlasic Kosher Dill Spears while you’re watching Breaking Bad. Now you have an excuse. The salt replaces electrolytes and prevents dehydration. And they go perfectly with St. Patty’s Day. Wahoo!

4. Fruit

Hear us out. The vitamins and minerals in fruit help keep your fluids balanced as well as ensure that you stay hydrated and happy. This means your belly will absorb the alcohol better. This means you won’t be hugging the toilet after that third Long Island Iced Tea. Quit complaining and go eat a strawberry.

falafel pita

We don’t have time for questions. Just eat. (photo by Mr. T in DC)

The one that comes with your passion fruit vodka smoothie doesn’t count.

5. Falafel

It’s a fantastic source of protein¬†and will fill you up without making you feel like you swallowed a boulder. Translation: It’s the perfect food to coat your stomach before you wet your whistle. Don’t forget to throw some of that hummus on it. Maybe even the pickles. Throw in the fruit and you probably won’t even GET drunk anymore.

6. Pizza

various pizza toppings

There’s nothing about this picture we don’t like.

Let’s face it: If you don’t eat it now, you’ll eat it later. Plus, the cheese and bread are the best ingredients to fill up on to prevent that nasty hangover. Better to enjoy a couple slices pre-booze fest instead of faceplanting in a large meat lover’s pizza at 2 a.m…although we wouldn’t exactly object to that either.

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P.S. We have vegan pizza too. Even dessert. You’re welcome.

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