8 Pizza Toppings from Across the World

“There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.”
– Kevin James

Some foods have origins in specific countries and never leave those borders; pizza is not one of them. Pizza defies all rules and logic. Widely considered to have been born in Italy (although it might technically be Greece), it’s a delicious staple eaten the world round.

If you think everyone eats it like we do, however, be warned: Things are about to get weird. Here are some of the most popular toppings from around the globe. Bon appetit!

8. Japan

Japan: home of miso soup and white rice. They do it like no one else does. Eel, squid, and Mayo Jaga (a combination of mayonnaise, potato, and bacon) make up their most popular pizza toppings, like this one right here!

pizza topped with fish
Mayo and eel pizza. photo by Lâm HUA

7. Russia

If Japan didn’t already send you into a seafood coma, why not make a pitstop in Russia? Their delicious pies are topped with mockba (a mix of sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon, and onions) and red herring. Wouldn’t you want to sink your teeth into THIS bad boy?  Fish breath—nom, nom, nom…

Russian pizza
Fish pizza. photo by Audrey Xavier Brulu

6. Germany

There was fish, then there was fish, and now there’s…more fish. In Germany, they top their pizza with chicken of the sea. No, not chicken–tuna. Don’t go all Jessica Simpson on us.

At least we know they’re getting their source of omega 3s.

German pizza
Tuna pizza. photo by Nathanael Boehm

5. Australia

G-day, mate! Down under, they get things cookin’ with emu, crocodile, and kangaroo. It definitely brings a new meaning to meat lovers’ pie.

Hey, why did the emu cross the road?

To prove he wasn’t chicken.

Get it? GET IT??? …No?

Australian pizza
Emu and crocodile pizza. photo by Bongo P’o’ndit

4. Brazil

Your mother always told you to eat your peas. I don’t recall her specifying that they couldn’t be on top of pizza. Hooray for loopholes! To get your veggies in, visit Brazil, where green peas have proven to be a popular topping.

pizza in Brazil
Green pea pizza. photo by syvwlch

3. France

Do you like eggs as much as we do? Oui! In the land of wine, literature, and other French-type things, they fry eggs sunny side up and throw them on pizza–or they’re baked right on top! You would agree that this legitimizes pizza as a breakfast food, right? Okay, good.

French pizza
Egg pizza. photo by Kristen Taylor

2. India

Pickled ginger and sheep (SHEEP!) make regular appearances on India’s pizzas. Wonder if we can order this from Domino’s…

pizza around the world
Pickled ginger pizza. photo by cherrypatter

1. US

Ranked starting with the most popular, residents of the U.S.of A. like their pies topped with pepperoni, then mushrooms, down to pineapple, and ending with spinach. Wash it down with a couple cans of Busch Light while you’re watching the game and you have all the makings of the perfect dinner. ‘MURICA.

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