7 Scientific Reasons Pizza Is Awesome

Precious pepperoni, melt-in-your-mouth cheese and delectable crusts already make pizza a heavenly treat. If there weren’t enough reasons to stuff your face with the pie of your dreams, get ready for a couple more. There are actually legitimate, scientifically backed arguments behind pizza’s goodness. Check out these seven things that make pizza even better than before.

A row of various Pop Up pizzas

1. Pizza can predict economic trends.

A New York lawyer proposed the “Pizza Principle” back in the 1980s, citing the relation between pizza prices and New York subway fares. According to the lawyer, as pizza prices rise, subway fares rise at a similar rate, writes The New York Observer. Even if it doesn’t hold true always, it held true then and could again.

2. It’s printable: You read right!A colorful pizza from Pop Up.

NASA is trying to make pizza appear through a 3-D printer in space. Using technology that made its debut at SXSW Eco in Austin this past year, the pizza is constructed using different ingredients through the printer. Hard to believe? Well, the company behind the printer completed a demonstration at the conference, and Popular Science reports that it’s true!

3. Pizza is cheaper the bigger it gets.

According to a study conducted by NPR that evaluated costs of thousands of pizza sizes, you generally pay less for more pizza. So, when it comes to pizza, less is more!

4. It could kill cancer cells.

Cancer contains oregano oil, which contains carvacrol. This component has the potential to kill prostate-cancer cells by reprogramming the cell to commit suicide. Cool, right?

5. Pizza-tossing is medically revolutionary.

The art of pizza-tossing is being studied by scientists to create tiny motors for brain surgery. Scientists have researched pizza-tossers’ throws and applied the physicality of tossing a pizza into the air to the design of the motors. This should help doctors make more precise incisions during a brain surgery.


6. When it comes to pizza and beer, they’re a match made in science.

According to an interview with certified cicerone Michael Agnew with BuzzFeed, pizza and beer taste good together for more than one reason. Because pizza is so rich, the carbonation in beer actually helps you digest all of that cheese and crust.

7. Pizza could be good for your heart!

That sauce in your pizza contains tomatoes, which in turn contain lycopene, an antioxidant that has been linked to preventing heart disease. Your intestines better absorb lycopene when it’s consumed with small amounts of oil or fat (cough, pizza, cough). Looking to take your pizza research to the field? Visit Pop Up Pizza in Las Vegas’ Plaza Hotel.

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