Which Pizza in Las Vegas Should You Try in Your Lifetime?

downtown las vegas pizza signThere’s just something about biting into warm bread covered in pizza sauce and melted cheese that nothing else will ever compare to. If you love pizza, you do not want any pizza. You want the best pizza. Where can you get the best pizza in Las Vegas? Here are some of the places you have to check out!

Pop Up Pizza – 1 South Main Street

You can find Pop Up Pizza inside of the Plaza Hotel which has recently been remodeled. The hotel is located in downtown Las Vegas. This pizza establishment has a cozy and modern dining environment that you want to see when you go out to enjoy some pizza with family members and/or friends.

This is a dining establishment where the food speaks for itself. You really have not lived until you’ve had a chance to take a bite of their fresh ingredients, their homemade pizza sauce, and their perfectly baked pizza crust.

Still not sold? This is one of the only pizza establishments that offers vegan pizza! This means if you want a vegan pizza or you have vegan friends, you can bring them with you and everyone can enjoy a pizza that fits their diet!

The vegan pizza this dining establishment comes topped with mushrooms, olive, artichoke, eggplant, spinach, potatoes, and caramelized onions. Even individuals who are not vegans seem to really enjoy this tasty pizza.

Metro Pizza – 1395 East Tropicana Avenue

Metro Pizza has been recognized as one of the top establishment to get pizza in all of Las Vegas for a very long time. At this pizza establishment, the dough is made fresh every single day, the sauces are made from fresh and ripe tomatoes, and all of the toppings are fresh and delicious.

Are you sure you’ve tasted the best pizza? Metro Pizza is an establishment every pizza lover needs to try at least once.

If your mouth is watering, it is time to get in your car and head over to one of these two pizzerias! They did not get to be at the top of the list for best pizza establishments in Las Vegas out of luck. You are not going to find better tasting pizza anywhere else in the city. If you are a lover of pizza and you have not eaten at these two places, you are only robbing yourself of delicious pizza.

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