A Brief History of Pizza

Imagine a world without pizza. Actually, don’t do that. It’s too horrible. Instead, let’s celebrate the beloved pie. We’ll help with this quick history of pizza:

Pizza in box

A Peasant’s Dish?

Like so much esteemed American food, pizza was originally considered a dish for peasants. Hearty, full of carbs, and flexible (you can put anything on it, right?), pizza was the meal of choice for the working class of America.

Italian Origins? Maybe

Did you know that we don’t know who made the first pizza? It’s presumed to have been made somewhere on the Mediterranean, but beyond that, we don’t know.

Depression Food

The first Pizza Hut appeared in the 1930s, just in time to feed a new class of struggling peasants. We’re pretty sure they didn’t have stuffed crust yet.


And now, pizza has gone upscale. Restaurants like California Pizza Kitchen have elevated pizza to new heights, making this finger food a sophisticated meal.

Looking forĀ downtown Las Vegas pizza? VisitĀ Pop Up Pizza! And leave us a comment: when was the first time you discovered pizza?

Main photo by Herry Lawford

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