Different Ways People Eat Pizza

Ahh, pizza. Yum. Few foods are as universally loved, and few words are as delicious to say. Pizza! And there are plenty of ways to eat it. Check these out, and try one the next time you gnosh on some za:

fresh-baked pizza


Especially apropos for pizza overloaded with toppings or if you’re in a fine dining restaurant. Additionally, if the pizza is too hot you should consider using a fork and knife. Trust us.

The Half Fold

Beloved by urbanites eating pizza in a rush, the half fold gives you the command you need over the pizza, turning it into a kind of sandwich.

Crust First

Our editors suggested this, and frankly we’re not sure anyone has ever eaten pizza crust first. Maybe stuffed crust?

Toppings First

The choice of people that want to take their friend’s pepperonis.

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Main photo by: jenny downing

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