Top 10 Reasons Pizza is Better Than Being in a Relationship

If you’ve been lamenting your single status, fret not: There are plenty of things much cooler than being in a relationship–the sound of a baby’s laugh, giving back to others, a butterfly landing on you cheek…

Just kidding. It’s pizza.

1) Pizza is covered in delicious, gooey cheese. Your partner is not. #fail

falling in love with pizza

2) Remember that time you got into a huge fight with your pizza? Us either.

pizza girlfriend

3) Pizza will never ask you to go to Home Depot with it.

pizza engagement ring

4) Pizza won’t leave toothpaste chunks in the sink.

pizza watches

5) “Hurry up,” “Calm down,” “You’re just being emotional”: 3 things pizza knows NEVER to say.

pizza boyfriend

6) Pizza won’t leave passive aggressive Facebook statuses about something you may or may not have done.

in a relationship with pizza

7) Pizza won’t cheat on you with someone it met on MySpace.

beach walk with pizza

8) “Inlaws” = Pizza’s favorite word ever.

pizza wedding cake toppers

9) Pizza loves talking about feelings.

on the boardwalk with pizza

10) When you tell pizza that everything is “fine,” pizza knows it’s not.

a casual stroll with pizza


See? Life isn’t so bad as a single person. Now it’s your turn: Why do you think falling in love with pizza is the best? Give us a shout-out on Twitter or Facebook and let us know! Order with us today for the best pizza in downtown Las Vegas. (702) 366-0049


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