Why You Need to Be Downtown to Watch the World Cup

The World Cup is like Christmas morning on steroids. People have been waiting for this for years, and now it’s time to execute. You could watch from your couch and drink beer from a can, but that would be poor strategy. Here are three spectacular reasons you need to head to downtown Las Vegas for the soccer-filled festivities.

Bier Garten

They were named one of the top places to watch the World Cup, and if we could go swimming in their craft beer, we would. They serve signature wursts and have something called “The Naked City.” That’s all we need to know. And the BEST part of Bier Garten is that it’s right by Pop Up Pizza.


Pop Up

If wursts ain’t your thang–or even if they are–head on over to Pop Up Pizza, because we know you’re going to work up quite an appetite. Our signature pies are the best in downtown Vegas, and we even have vegan options. We’re open until 2am daily and when you buy nine slices, you get the tenth for free! And when it’s time to finally calm down for the night, you can make your way over to…

The Lady Silvia

When you go to The Lady Silvia, you enter the most genuine speakeasy (and basically the only speakeasy) in Las Vegas. You step into another world with their amazing decor, always top-notch music and entertainment, and delish cocktails. This is yet another downtown hotspot you don’t want to miss out on.

Hit up these three places and score a major goal during the World Cup. We can’t wait to see you! (702) 366-0049


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