What Your Favorite Pizza Says About You

There’s a name for people who don’t like pizza: Wrong. It’s not just loving pizza that tells us what kind of person you are, though; it’s the kind of pizza you choose that’ll say a whole lot about your personality. Here are six kinds of pizza and what they reveal about you. Where do you fall?

Meat Lovers’ Pizza

We like to imagine you were a jock in high school. Then you went to college and could be found smashing beer cans on your forehead in between scoring touchdowns. You were Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, when he saved his meat lovers’ pizza in the car for later. In the right temperatures, those pies can survive two or three days in your backseat.

Not that we know from experience…

guy sitting on couch eating pizza


You’re a friend to the animals and the environment, and we dig it. You get down with soy cheese and roasted red bell peppers, all while reading about how factory farming is the number one cause of global warming. Namaste, you rockstar, you.

girl eating vegan pizza in Las Vegas

Stuffed Crust

This is “wanting your cake and eating it too” in the form of pizza. You’re all, “I don’t just want cheese ON my pizza–I want it IN my pizza too.” Luckily for you, some David Copperfield of the pizza world decided to make your day and come up with stuffed crust. You’re a greedy little one, having to have deliciously gooey cheese in every bite. You got your wish. Congratulations.

girl eating stuffed crust pizza

Plain Cheese

You probably also have to have all of the labels in your cabinet facing forward. It’s okay. We all have our “things.” Do you blot the grease off your slice with a napkin, too? You like it nice and simple: You’re a busy person and you don’t have time for toppings. Toppings are for children.

girl eating cheese pizza in Las Vegas

New York Style

You got guts. It takes a serious fire inside of you to handle a piece of pizza the size of your face. This takes commitment. This takes courage. No fork. No knife. Just you, your slice, and the food baby you’ll have afterward. We like the way you think.

guy eating New York style pizza

Pop Up Pizza

You’re perfect in every way. The end.

Pop Up Pizza customers and food

This isn’t a matter to be taken lightly. If you’re going to eat pizza, eat the best. Pop Up Pizza in downtown Las Vegas is the top pick for pie lovers. Stop by today for a slice or 12. We’re open daily until 2am. (702) 366-0049

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